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Moving Analytics partners with providers such as cardiac rehab programs, cardiology clinics and heart failure clinics to expand access to secondary prevention, improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

The Benefits

Improve outcomes

Deliver evidence-based interventions for exercise diet, smoking cessation, symptoms, depression and other comorbidities.

Lower cost of care

Our program requires low real estate and staffing. A single care manager can manage 300 patients per year at less than $1000 per patient.

Prevent readmissions

In addition we help lower hospitalizations and readmissions through triage protocols and analytics driven by patients symptoms, vitals and adherence.

Generate additional revenue

Generate additional revenue by reaching new patients and engaging them. We provide the documentation needed to support billing for chronic care management (CCM) or telehealth.

Promote adherence

Improve self management and treatment plan adherence through interactive education, counseling and support.

Better patient experience

Deliver a modern, user friendly and convenient secondary prevention experience that addresses patient barriers such as long wait-lists, long distances and limited schedules.

How It Works

Step 1
An MD refers the patient to the Movn program through the referral portal

Step 2
The care manager at Movn enrolls the patient and creates a personalized treatment plan that is approved by the MD

Step 3
The patient is given a care kit, which includes the app, connected devices, and a workbook

Step 4
The patient uses the app to monitor their vitals, create reminders, report symptoms and follow the education curriculum

Step 5
The patient receives a coaching session weekly to reinforces progress, troubleshoot challenges, provide education, and modify their care plan

The Perfect Pair

We started with the gold standard, MULTIFIT. Combined with user centered design, we created a complete program staff and patients quickly come to love.

Lessons learned at the VA

Our Outcomes


increase in functionalfunc. capacity


medication adherence


program completion rate

Success Stories

“Working with Moving Analytics was a professional pleasure. The team spent many hours with our staff and created a cardiac rehab experience that was user friendly for both patient and staff.”

Reginald Blaber, MD
President, Lourdes Health

“What I like about Moving Analytics is the extensive clinical evidence behind their secondary prevention solution and domain expertise in chronic disease management on their team.”

Geoffrey Hall
Administrator, NYU Langone Medical Center

“We are excited to partner with Moving Analytics and provide additional value to patients in our heart failure program. The Moving Analytics approach incorporates a strong evidence-base and domain expertise that is unmatched.”

Michael Fong, MD
Director of USC Heart Failure Program

“The Moving Analytics team have a great combination of technical and clinical expertise in secondary prevention. With no previous cardiac rehab experience, they enabled us to implement a digital program in a few months.”

Amit Shah, MD
Cardiologist, Atlanta VA Medical Center

“I like how I can keep track and have an instant back and forth between patients. I can send encouraging messages if patients are doing well or see if there any issues to be resolved.”

Faith Bockol, RN
Cardiac Rehab Coordinator, Lourdes Health

“I love how this program helped me reach out to patients who would have otherwise never done cardiac rehab.”

Michelle Davis-Watts, PA-C
Care Coordinator at VA Medical Center

“The app is very user-friendly. It motivates me to meet my step goals, and I like being monitored, so I know if I’m overdoing it or not doing enough.”

David B.

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