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Release Notes



Dashboard Enhancements
Patient Info
  • A single email is now sent when resending patient instruction emails, despite multiple clicks in a short period of time
  • We now capture and store a list of details on patient status changes
  • If a patient changes from Not Enrolled/Paused/or any Monitored status to Enrolled, the instruction email is automatically resent
Care History
  • The Audit Log is now stamped with any changes in the patient status, including who made the change and when
  • Notes now has a template note for the last 7 days has been added that calculates a patients average, min, and max values for a particular vital/domain, as well as displays the log values, has been added
  • Notes now has a button, Copy Note, that allows users to copy any in-progress, unsaved note to their clipboard for copying and pasting elsewhere
Care Plan
  • When editing Care Schedules, removing custom tasks now semantically reads “Delete” instead of “Deactivate”
  • When editing Medication, Pharmacology values have been added to all existing frequency values
Care Schedule
  • The modal for forms has been greatly improved for readability
  • Form status indicators have been color-coded for quicker assessment of complete/incomplete
  • Save Draft, a dedicated button for saving incomplete forms, has been added
  • Patients in a Paused status now have their own chat filter and list
  • Announcements are now only sent to patients in Enrolled, Graduated and Not Graduated status with App Access and Monitoring
  • Our proprietary manuals for heart failure have been added to the Resources section
  • The DASI form now also displays a score converted to METS
  • An Ejection Fraction section was added to our Laboratory Measures form
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Child Report (ages 8-12)
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Parent Report for Children (ages 8-12)
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Teen Report (ages 13-18)
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Parent Report for Teens (ages 13-18)
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Young Adult Report (ages 18-25)
  • Added a new form: PedsQL - Parent Report for Young Adults (ages 18-25)
Patient Data
  • Table columns are now left-aligned with data for improved readability
  • If you are hovering over a row, we now highlight it for improved readability
  • Reviewing data is now easier, with less hunting necessary due to highlighted values (based on our alerts) that are either low, high, or noteworthy across all domains
  • Data is now sorted in a table overall from oldest to newest
  • The newest data is always visible first via an auto-scroll to bottom with each table load
  • Data has been divided into Weeks based on the new Program Start Date
  • Date formatting for Medication has been updated to be consistent with other domains
Recruiting and Enrollment
  • A patients assigned Care Manager is now displayed in the Patient List
  • Users can now filter for the Assigned Care Manager on the Recruitment
  • The “Physicians” module has been updated to the “Care Management” module
  • Users are now redirected back to the Recruiting tab when saving referral forms as “Not Referred”
  • Uploading 6MWT results (or other documents) for later evaluation is now possible on recruiting, referral, and enrollment forms
  • Specifying the Supervising Physician has been added to the recruiting and referral forms, with selections persisting through to the enrollment form
  • An optional field for adding a patient’s medical record number has been added to the recruiting and referral forms, with selections persisting through to the enrollment form
  • Users can now specify a patients Program Start Date on the referral form, and can be adjusted even on patients in an Enrolled status
  • Compliance calculations have been updated to use the new Program Start Date instead of the date a patient was “Enrolled” in the system
  • Removed “Indications for CR” in favor of “Indications” to reflect our broader customer uses
Account Customization
  • For customers that opt to brand the dashboard, secondary colors are used in more places
  • The Monetization module has been added to all Customization pages accessible by Account Admins
  • All Account Admins now have the full Monetization permission set by default
  • We now prevent Password re-use for 10-cycles

  • App Enhancements
    • Patients can now log “Don’t Know” as an option in heart beat regularity
    • A Fitbit module was added to the Today page that displays total steps for the day
    • Auto-advance has been added for certain questions, shortening effort and time required for questionnaires and longer flows
    • Notification bubbles displaying the unread chat count were added to the iOS app
    • iOS Face Unlock has been enabled for compatible devices
    • All references to coaches have been updated to Care Manager
    • Labels in Settings have been updated to better reflect functionality


    Patient Info
    • Fixed an issue where the last updated date might be inaccurate
    • Fixed an issue where alerts might not generate



    Patient Status
    • The Audit Log now records all new patient status changes
    • Revoked access for patients marked as Not Enrolled
    • Users can now view and filter by patient status in Chats
    • Unread chats no longer persist until they are responded to
    Patient List
    • Care Managers now have individualized patient queues in the Patient List
    • Enrollment appointment flexibility has been increased
    • Patient Data readability has improved for Weight, HR, BP, and Steps
    • If a program only has a single model, when adding patients it is set as the default and simply hidden from view
    Account Customization
    • Account Admins now have control over device offerings, subsidies, and paywalls at enrollment and graduation
    User Management
    • Permission editing has clearer copy and improved flow
  • Our proprietary MA Followup Survey for CAD can now be sent as a questionnaire
  • Added the following to the library of available forms: Tug Test, FOTO

  • v4.1.0


    • Complete transfer to Azure Gov Cloud for increased security and privacy
    Third Party Integration
    • Add an integration to Omron’s blood pressure cuff to complement BodyTrace, Apple Health, Fitbit, etc.)
    • Add fingerprint unlock for Android devices
    • Add an onboarding and conversion flow for in-app patient-pay for both coaching and devices
    • Refine unread chats with clearer copy to indicate both source and count
    • Add healthcare provider training manuals that cover Exercise, Hypertension Management, Lipids, Medicines, and Smoking
    • Various refinements to the display of navigation, alerts, chats, patient data



    • Give providers the ability to subsidize both coaching and devices for patients
    Patient Enrollment
    • Provide better visibility into recruitment, including whether a patient is referred or not, and why
    • Add eligibility verification with customizable inclusion and exclusion criteria
    Patient Exercise
    • Add flexibility in exercise type reporting
    • Improvements to security, including a decrementing inactivity timer, forced password reset



    Care Plan
    • Make standalone symptom reporting simpler and yet more robust
    Care Schedule
    • Addition of various standardized forms
    Third Party Integration
    • Add an integration to BodyTrace’s weight scale and blood pressure cuff



    • Add the ability to make announcements to all patients
    • Open communication channel with MA Staff via the new Support tab in Chats
    Patient Status
    • Add a “Paused” patient status to address gaps in patient participation
    Patient Exercise
    • Refine symptom reporting in exercise flows



    • Complete transfer to Azure Gov Cloud for increased security and privacy
    • Add an onboarding flow to help orient all patients
    Patient Exercise
    • Add flexibility in exercise type reporting
    • Various app visual and usability refinements


    Happy Holidays! Moving Analytics is rounding out the year with a slew of improvements and bug fixes designed to make working together easier both within and between programs.


    Account Configuration
    • Risk Factors can be included/excluded as needed
    • Chronic Conditions/Comorbidities can be included/excluded as needed
    • Indications for CR/Primary Indications can be included/excluded as needed
    • Standing Orders has been added in preparation for upcoming patient workflow features
    • Custom Patient Disclaimers are now stored and sent in the standard new patient email
    • Basic Whitelabeling has been added for branding on the product
    CCM Reports
    • Customers can access a new CCM program complete with eligibility screening, action tracking and report generation including the suggested reimbursement.
    Internal Chat
    • Clinical staff can now chat with each other, including sending hyperlinks to specific patients.
    Resource Center
    • Clinical staff now have access to a Resources page with access to product training videos, educational material, release notes and other resources with more to come.
    Print Care Plan
    • Clinical staff can now print Care Plans as take-home documents for patients.
    New User Newsletter Subscription
    • New clinical users can now stay up to date with the latest industry news, product updates and resources.


    • Fixed an issue where users would see old Moving Analytics branding when printing forms
    • Fixed an issue where older versions of Android and iOS would state that the app was incompatible
    • Fixed a few issues where patients might see strange values in the input field while tapping native Android UI buttons
    • Fixed a an issue where fractional units were being accepted for smoking
    • Fixed a few issues related to step logging and display


    v3.5.0 is upon us and with it comes a slew of minor experience improvements and bug fixes, along with some additional data points. Our biggest feature is also borne from customer requests and is a big improvement to our Care Schedule upgrade path for individual patients, but here's some of the other stuff included in the September Release:


    Care Schedule Version Control
    • A Care Schedule Version History is visible from the Site dashboard that tracks plan changes. It pairs with the Care Schedule Update feature on patient profiles for advanced patient management including cohort analysis and Care Schedule performance evaluations.
    Patient Data
    • Added Blood Glucose as a configurable data point to the app, dashboard and patient progress reports
    • Added Steps as a configurable data point to the app, dashboard and patient progress reports, distinguished by activity type
    CCM Modules
    • Patient sessions now automatically-generate documentation based on work completed to support documentation requirements for CCM-coded sessions
    Touch ID
    • Add a toggle for patients to enable/disable Touch ID in-app from Settings


    • Fixed an issue where the app's chat bar might overlap the visible text area on Android
    • Fixed an issue where the app might prevent some users from proceeding after hitting threshold limits
    • Fixed an issue where the app would not display disclaimer text at the end of a symptom report
    • Fixed an issue where the app might prevent some users from proceeding after hitting threshold limits


    The team has been hard at work improving the platform to v3.4.0 with our partners and customers, focused heavily on workflow and documentation improvements for patient progress reports as well as overall program health reports. Here's a list of (some of) what is included in the August Release:


    Roles & Permissions
    • Improved role specialization with the ability to add/remove permissions to/from individual users
    User & Patient Data
    • Added more user specialities via new credentials
    • Added a different contact modality for users, differentiating two-factor auth from patient contact
    • Improved compliance score display for patient data
    CCM & Time Logging
    • Added time spent per session, total and reporting features to support documentation requirements for CCM-coded sessions
    • Improved display to include cross-browser, various app and multi-platform display, including plain text
    • Added customizable patient progress reports, including supporting features for display, saving/printing and forward to additional care team members
    • Added ability for care management staff to send the same message to multiple patients


    • Fixed an issue where editing patient information would sometimes display old data until a refresh
    • Fixed an issue where the app might warn a user on patient creation
    • Fixed an issue where missing only the last name could generate an error message
    • Fixed an issue where the affected users at a site would display an incorrect total while editing a role
    • Fixed an issue where permissions could duplicate in the permission group when continuously repeating steps

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